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  • Adae Tokye932023

    Ye ma wo Adae Tokye Nea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu.

  • Fofie Dates 2023

    fcfiE on the Akan calendar occurs 9 days after Awukudae and 9 days before the next Akwasidae. No Day Date Adinkra English 1 Friday January 27, 2023 SEC woCnSEC Hye Wonhye 2 Friday March 10, 2023 NamEC nnwu na maCwu Nyame Nnwu Na Mawu 3 Friday April 21, 2023 Nansapc Nyansapo 4 Friday June 02,…

  • Fodwo Calendar 2023

    fcjoC on the Akan calendar occurs 15 days after Akwasidae and 9 days before Awukudae. No Day Date Adinkra English 1 Monday February 20, 2023 pECmpamsiE Pempamsie 2 Monday April 03, 2023 aCdinkrahECnEC Adinkrahene 3 Monday May 15, 2023 damEC damEC Dame Dame 4 Monday June 26, 2023 NamEC biribi wc soCroC Nyame Biribi Wo…

  • Asikyireyaree

    aCsiQirEyarECe ye yarECe a efa senECa nipadua danEC aCduanEC dEC kc ahoCcdECn mu. aCsiQirEyarECe ye wc mu su mmiEnu. mg/dl mg/dl mmol/dl moZa aCsiQirE a eye UugU – UsggU 70 – 100 aCsiQirEyarECe > UspCU > 126

  • Adu Hwam

    aCdu hwam Transliteration “Fragrance” Meaning The King’s authority and power is felt in all his households in his kingdom.

  • Aprukuma

    aprukuma Transliteration “A medicinal seed” Meaning Symbolizes good mental, emotional and physical health

  • Nea Ope Se Obedi Hene

    nECa cpe se obEdi hECnEC Transliteration “He/She who wants to be King” Meaning Symbolizes service and leadership skills

  • Abode Santann

    abcdEC santann Transliteration “Totality of the universe” Meaning Symbolizes totality of natural and social creation.

  • Adinkra Cardinal Signs

    Cardinal Direction Element Adinkra Symbol Meaning of Adinkra symbol Sacred Animal North Earth Adu Hwam Fragrance Black Panther South Fire Aprukuma A medicinal seed Cobra East Air Abode Santann Totality of the Universe Tawny Eagle West Water Nea Ope Se Obedi Hene He/She who wants to be king Dolphin

  • Fawohodie

    fawoChoCdiE Transliteration “Freedom”. Meaning Independence comes with its responsibilities.

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