Category: Adinkra Symbols

  • Adu Hwam

    aCdu hwam Transliteration “Fragrance” Meaning The King’s authority and power is felt in all his households in his kingdom.

  • Aprukuma

    aprukuma Transliteration “A medicinal seed” Meaning Symbolizes good mental, emotional and physical health

  • Nea Ope Se Obedi Hene

    nECa cpe se obEdi hECnEC Transliteration “He/She who wants to be King” Meaning Symbolizes service and leadership skills

  • Abode Santann

    abcdEC santann Transliteration “Totality of the universe” Meaning Symbolizes totality of natural and social creation.

  • Fawohodie

    fawoChoCdiE Transliteration “Freedom”. Meaning Independence comes with its responsibilities.

  • Denkyem

    denQem Transliteration “Crocodile”. Meaning We should learn to adjust to different situations in life.

  • Nea Onnim No Sua A Ohu

    nECa onnim noC sua a, ohu Transliteration “He/She who does not know, will know from learning”. Meaning Perseverance, service and hard work in the acquisition of knowledge.

  • Owo Foro Adobe

    cwc foCroC adoCbe Transliteration “Snake climb the raffia palm”. Meaning Signifies persistence and diligence to achieve success.

  • Nyame Biribi Wo Soro

    NamEC biribi wc soCroC Transliteration “God’s something is in the heavens”. Meaning God dwells in the heavens and he answers prayers.

  • Dame Dame

    damEC damEC Transliteration “Name of a board game”. Meaning Signifies intelligence and ingenuity.