Category: Ghana Mmebusem

  • Aboronoma

    Adinkra aborcnoma sEC: “cqantia ye mmusuo”. English Says the Dove: “Shortcut is dangerous”.

  • Nkontompo

    Adinkra (Akan) nkontompo na ema nokore boc ye dECn. English It is because of lies that truth is expensive.

  • Owuo

    Adinkra (Akan) cdomankoma bc owuo ma owuo kum no. English The Creator created death only for death to kill him.

  • Funtunfunefu and Denkyemfunefu

    Adinkra (Akan) funtunfunEfu nE denQemfunEfu wcn afuru bom nanso wcrEdidi a na wcrEko Efiri se aduanE de yetE no wc mEnEtwitwiE mu. English Funtunfunefu and denkyemfunefu (two conjoined crocodiles) have their stomachs joined together yet when they eat they fight because the sweetness of the food is felt as it passes through the throat.

  • Bere

    Adinkra (Akan) bEre annuru annuru a, etra. English Procrastination is the thieve of time.

  • Baanu

    Adinkra (Akan) baanu so a, Emia. English The load is easy when two carry.

  • Asuahunu

    Adinkra (Akan) adEe Nina dan asuahunu. English Experience is the best teacher.