Category: Ghana Mmebusem

  • Hwimhwim

    Adinkra hwimhwim adECe kc soCrcsoCrc – ghana mmEbusem. English Easy comes, easy goes – Ghanaian proverb.

  • Fawohodie

    Adinkra “fawoChoCdie enEC cbre na enam.”- ghana mmEbusem. English “Freedom comes with it’s responsibilities” – Ghanaian proverb.

  • Ahia

    Adinkra aChia woC a ka se aChia mEC, na enka se aChia yen. English If you are poor say you are poor, don’t say we are poor.

  • Nyame

    Adinkra obi nQECre aqadaa NamEC. English No one teachers a child who God is.

  • Nsatea

    Adinkra nsatECa Ninaa nNe pe. English All fingers are not equal.

  • Aboronoma

    Adinkra aboCrcnoCma sEC: “cqantia ye mmusuo”. English Says the Dove: “Shortcut is dangerous”.

  • Nkontompo

    Adinkra (Akan) nkontompo na ema noCkoCre boCc ye dECn. English It is because of lies that truth is expensive.

  • Owuo

    Adinkra (Akan) cdoCmankoCma bc owuo ma owuo kum noC. English The Creator created death only for death to kill him.

  • Funtunfunefu and Denkyemfunefu

    Adinkra (Akan) funtunfunEfu nEC denQemfunEfu wcn aCfuru bom nanso wcrECdidi a na wcrECkoC Efiri se aCduanEC de yetEC noC wc mECnECtwitwiE mu. English Funtunfunefu and denkyemfunefu (two conjoined crocodiles) have their stomachs joined together yet when they eat they fight because the sweetness of the food is felt as it passes through the throat.

  • Bere

    Adinkra (Akan) bECre aCnnuru aCnnuru a, etra. English Procrastination is the thieve of time.