Memeneda Dapaa in 2022

mECmECnECda dapaa is the day of labor of the Akan. It is a day observed in preparation of the coming Akwasidae by cleaning, cooking and doing general household chores. Memeneda dapaa occurs on the Saturday following Awukudae or the Saturday before Akwasidae.

1SaturdayJanuary 22, 2022sankcfaSankofa
2SaturdayMarch 05, 2022pECmpamsiEPempamsie
3SaturdayApril 16, 2022aCdinkrahECnECAdinkrahene
4SaturdayMay 28, 2022damEC damECDame Dame
5SaturdayJuly 9, 2022NamEC biribi wc soCroCNyame Biribi Wo Soro
6SaturdayAugust 20, 2022cwc foCroC adoCbeOwo Foro Adobe
7SaturdayOctober 1, 2022nECa onnim noC sua a, ohuNea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu
8SaturdayNovember 12, 2022denQemDenkyem
9SaturdayDecember 24, 2022fawoChoCdiEFawohodie

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