Tag: Akwasidae

  • Benada Kwabena

    bECnada qabECna is a tempting and cautious day on the Akan Calendar. It is a day to stand steadfast against all odds and provocations and pray to sail peacefully through the day. Benada Kwabena occurs four days after Fofie and four days before Memeneda Dapaa.

  • Memeneda Dapaa

    mECmECnECda dapaa is the day of labor of the Akan. It is a day observed in preparation of the coming Akwasidae by cleaning, cooking and doing general household chores. Memeneda dapaa occurs on the Saturday following Awukudae or the Saturday before Akwasidae.

  • Akwasidae Dates 2024

    aqaCsidaEC is an Akan festive occasion celebrated every six (6) weeks on Sunday. U da eda aCdinkra s qaCsiada January 7, 2024 sankcfa p qaCsiada February 18, 2024 pECmpamsiE a qaCsiada March 31, 2024 aCdinkrahECnEC d qaCsiada May 12, 2024 damEC damEC o qaCsiada June 23, 2024 NamEC biribi wc soCroC C qaCsiada August 4,…

  • Akwasidae Dates 2023

    aqaCsidaEC is an Akan festive occasion celebrated every six (6) weeks on Sunday. No Day Date Adinkra English 1 Sunday February 5, 2023 pECmpamsiE Pempamsie 2 Sunday March 19, 2023 aCdinkrahECnEC Adinkrahene 3 Sunday April 30, 2023 damEC damEC Dame Dame 4 Sunday June 11, 2023 NamEC biribi wc soCroC Nyame Biribi Wo Soro 5 Sunday…

  • Akwasidae Dates 2022

    No Day Date Adinkra English 1 Sunday January 23, 2022 sankcfa Sankofa 2 Sunday March 06, 2022 pEmpamsiE Pempamsie 3 Sunday April 17, 2022 adinkrahEnE Adinkrahene 4 Sunday May 29, 2022 damE damE Dame Dame 5 Sunday July 10, 2022 NamE biribi wc soro Nyame Biribi Wo Soro 6 Sunday August 21, 2022 cwc foro…