Akwasidae Dates 2023

aqaCsidaEC is an Akan festive occasion celebrated every six (6) weeks on Sunday.

1SundayFebruary 5, 2023pECmpamsiEPempamsie
2SundayMarch 19, 2023aCdinkrahECnECAdinkrahene
3SundayApril 30, 2023damEC damECDame Dame
4SundayJune 11, 2023NamEC biribi wc soCroCNyame Biribi Wo Soro
5SundayJuly 23, 2023cwc foCroC adoCbeOwo Foro Adobe
6SundaySeptember 3, 2023nECa onnim noC sua a, ohuNea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu
7SundayOctober 15, 2023denQemDenkyem
8SundayNovember 26, 2023fawoChoCdiEFawohodie
9SundayJanuary 7, 2024sankcfaSankofa






22 responses to “Akwasidae Dates 2023”

  1. Osononana Appiagyei Avatar
    Osononana Appiagyei

    I want to get alerts of every akwasidae

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      csoCnoC nana appiaZEi (Osononana Appiagyei) follow up our website and you should be able to get alerts of new posts. Thank you.

      1. arthur emmanuel Avatar
        arthur emmanuel

        i want alert for every akwasidae

        1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

          Sounds good. We will work on it.

  2. Badu Avatar

    I appreciate having access to the Akwesidae calendar for the entire year.I mark my calendar & set reminders on my phone to remind me of the dates of which, I honor my Ancestors.

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      baCdu (Badu) we are 100% with you. Thank you.

  3. Brako Godfred Avatar
    Brako Godfred

    Thanks for the Akwasidae dates for this year. Continue to keep me informed.

  4. Pau Avatar

    Akwasidae is not the only Sacred days in Akan. Can you pls include the rest of the sacred days like Fofie,Fokwasie,Dapaa,Fomene etc

  5. Anokye Avatar

    Nice information ? keep it up

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      Thank you ancQEC (Anokye).

  6. Nana Bugyei Avatar

    I do appreciate it.

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      Thank you nana (Nana).

  7. ACHIAA GIFTY Avatar

    Please I want to know why each Akwasidae date is having different adinkra symbol and their meanings….
    Thank you

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      Thank you for your question aQECaa (Achiaa). The Akwasidae dates don’t follow the Gregorian calendar and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of it. A month is dropped sometimes to keep it in line with the Gregorian calendar. Assigning the Adinkra numbers to it helps to easily follow Akwasidae along with the Gregorian calendar which is used widely. As you can see, the first Akwasidae in 2024 will be January 7, 2024. However because the first Akwasidae in 2023 was on February 5, 2023 it is actually pempamsie and not sankofa. You can clearly see that there is a drop. Not a drop in Akwasidae but with respect to the Gregorian calendar. So in short it helps to keep track of Akwasidae with respect to the Gregorian calendar otherwise one do not need to assign names to the Akwasidae dates. I hope this helps.

      1. Yaw’Usu Avatar

        Is our New Year January 7th? Based on the Akwasidae following the Gregorian calendar or the next Akwasidae after the 7th of January?

        1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

          yaw (Yaw) Akwasidae 2024 calendar may help answer your question @ https://www.nyamedua.org/2023/07/15/akwasidae-dates-2024/

  8. Kwabena Avatar

    My mom pass away and the funeral is Nov 25,it is possible I can’t buried my mom.the Akwasidae fall on the Nov 26

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      Very likely qabECna (Kwabena). Ideally you want to be a week before or after the Akwasidae date. Please double check with your local authorities.

  9. Afi Enyo Avatar
    Afi Enyo

    Do you have a calendar of the Fofie dates as well?

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      Hello afi (Afi), Fofie calendar for 2023 is located at https://www.nyamedua.org/2023/08/30/fofie-dates-2023/

  10. Isaac Avatar

    So there is no akwasiddae in December???

    1. nyamedua_xv46h6 Avatar

      That is correct Isaac. The last Akwasidae of 2023, aqaCsidaEC fawoChodiE is on November 26. aqaCsidaEC sankcfa or the first Akwasidae of 2024 is on January 7, 2024.

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